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Stand Up Sunbed

The Glow Haus's Stand Up Sunbed can offer your skin perfectly-looking deeper colours. The bulbs used in these sunbeds are more intense and can create intense tanning results. Besides, our sunbed distributes the UV rays in a 360-degree manner. Using these, the users can easily target the hard to tan areas. For a shorter tanning session, stand up sunbeds will be a great choice as each session will last for 10 to 15 minutes. If you are looking for a perfect place to buy the best stand-up Sunbed Pensnett or affordable sunbed near me, you can trust The Glow Haus. Some of the unique features of our Stand up sunbeds are:

  • More even tan
  • No contact with the sunbeds surface
  • 360-degree lamps
  • Easy-to-use tanning bed

We have one Luxura V8 stand up sunbed, this gives you the opportunity to rotate your tanning sessions between stand up and lie down to give an even tan by also tanning the pressure points that can occur whilst using lie down beds alone. Fully fitted with adjustable air conditioning, bluetooth connectivity for your perfect tanning experience.