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A: No-one under the age of 18 is legally allowed to use tanning equipment in the UK. We at the Glow Haus will ask you for ID (drivers’ licence or passport) on creating your account and will keep a record of this on your file.

A: It is always recommended to allow 48 hours between tanning sessions for the skin to produce melanin.

As we are located within Birmingham, we must follow the regulations set out by Birmingham City Council and this means that there MUST be a minimum of 48 hours between sessions.

A: The length of your tanning session depends on your skin tone. Take our skin type finder quiz to find your skin type and recommended regime.

If you have not used a sunbed before or if it has been a long time since your last session, then we would recommend commencing with a 5 mins sessionand increasing this time when you can see a tan forming.

A: Some opt to wear swimwear or underwear whilst using our sunbeds, but this is optional as privacy is guaranteed and you can tan without clothes to avoid tan lines.

A: As you are tanning in a controlled environment an SPF is not necessary and can slow down your tanning process.

There are many different lotions you can purchase to use whilst tanning. The lotionswe stock are one of the leading brands and are aimed to speed up the tanning process, so you get the most out of your session. Our staff can advise you on the best accelerator or lotion to suit your needs.

A: We do not allow oil to be used at our salon as this can make the equipment and floor slippery and dangerous for all users.

The best way to maintain your tan is to moisturise following your session and to drink plenty of water. This will ensure you keep your skin hydrated to achieve that healthy glow.
A: Sunbeds provide a very controlled environment and as we are able to tailor your sessions to your skin type, then you can achieve your best tan whilst reducing the risk of burning.
A: Yes! You must protect your eyes whilst using sunbeds. We can provide these if needed and as the goggles are re-usable you only need to purchase them once!
A: We advise you to seek medical advice regarding tanning whilst pregnant.
A: Your minutes are valid for 6 monthsand will always remind you when they are about to expire.
A: We will only extend the expiry period in certain circumstances. We must be informed of any such request before your minutes expire and this is at the discretion of the manager.
A: No, your minutes are non-transferable and cannot be split with another user.
A: Our sunbeds are extremely easy to use. The bed will turn on automatically 5 minutes after you have paid to allow enough time for you to get prepared. If you are ready before, simply press the button on the bed to start. There is also a control panel on the inside of the sunbed which will allow you to control the fans, humidity, aroma, music and volume.
A: Yes! Each bed is fitted with an AUX cable so you can choose the tunes you listen to!