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Lay Down Sunbed

Our Lay Down sunbed models are the best value for getting the body tan and maintaining it for a longer time. Made of the latest and advanced technology, our beds can offer you a base tan 2 to 3 times faster than the other brands' sunbeds. When it comes to enjoying a great level of comfort, our lay down Sunbed wall heath models can be more appealing as while creating a tan; you can relax. The beds feature some useful features, and you can customize your tanning session based on your requirements.

  • Customized tanning session
  • Faster tanning sessions
  • Extra features
  • Intelligent performance technology

The sunbeds can adjust the lamp output automatically to make sure the users get a perfect tan without worrying about overexposing to UV rays. With our lay down Sunbed Kingswinford model, you can redefine the luxury and will be able to take your tanning to a whole new level.

The Ergoline Excellence

We have 2 of the Ergoline Excellence pressure beds fitted fully with UV body & neck tanning tubes. With 20 high pressure UV units in the canopy, the Ergoline Excellence provides the ultimate power for an intense and long-lasting tan combined with the finest in comfort features. This bed will give you the deepest, darkest, longest lasting tan imaginable whilst the intelligent air conditioning system puts your comfort as its highest priority. The temptronic air conditioning system allows you to adjust the temperature throughout your tanning session.

Luxura Vegaz HYBRID & Luxura Vegaz UV

The Luxura VEGAZ is the world’s leading sunbed with the latest tanning technology. We have the option of Luxura VEGAZ Hybrid (UV + LED) performance or purely Luxura VEGAZ UV.The Luxura VEGAS not only looks sensational, it performs even better. VEGAZ combines red beauty light and sunlight for unbeatable long lasting tanning results & skincare.
1) Hybrid Performance
  • Hybrid Performance to ensure a long lasting tan Maximum UV Tanning Technology combined with Red LED Light therapy which encourages collagen production whilst tanning for a premium tan and smoother appearing skin
2) UV Performance gives a deeper and darker tan with all uv tubes fitted. Both beds have :
  • a UNIQUE FACIAL TANNER combining UV Light with Red Light LED Therapy for an enhanced tan and anti-aging skin care
  • Optimised shoulder and neck tanning for an all-round perfect tan
  • Bluetooth wireless music connection
  • Smart cooling technology with climate control
  • Optional refreshing mist
  • Choice of 3 fragrant aromas
  • Spacious and comfortable design with cutting edge technology
  • Assists the production of Vitamin D