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The Collagen Chair

Collagen is found in the connective tissue of the skin, nails, hair and bones and it is known for its strength and elasticity. The production of collagen is reduced as we age resulting in the loss of skin elasticity which will eventually lead to wrinkles.

The Collagen Chair is a seated tanning chair concentrating on your face and hands. It is fully fitted with 3 face tanners and 2 hand tanners. The collagen red light therapy lamps used penetrates the skin and encourages the production of collagen and elastin. The additional collagen and elastin produced will result in a healthier, younger and renewed appearance.

The Esprit

The Esprit is the ultimate sleek tanning bed! The bed has a carefully designed base with arm and footrests to allow you to tan in the most comfortable way possible.

The 48 body lamps, 4 facial lamps and 2 shoulder tanners will give you the overall tan you desire!

The Climatronic feature will allow you to decide on the ambient temperature whether you like it hot or not whilst the Aqua fresh and aroma function will give that refreshing and revitalising touch!